Aiden Name Meaning: Little and Fiery

Aiden Name Meaning: Aiden has Irish roots meaning “little fire.” It has become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks partly to its use in popular culture. Here’s everything you need to know about the name Aiden.

Aiden Name Meaning

Aiden Name Meaning and Origin

The Meaning of the Name Aiden

The name Aiden is of Irish origin and means “little fire.” It is a diminutive form of the name Aidan, originally a pet form of Aodh. Aodh derives from the Old Irish word for “fire.”

The name Aiden was brought to public attention in the 20th century by the writer Sean O’Faolain. It has been steadily gaining in popularity since then and is now one of Ireland’s most famous names for baby boys.

Aiden is also popular in other countries, including Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, and the United States.

The History of the Name Aiden

The earliest known use of the name Aiden is in Irish mythology. In the mythological cycle known as the Ulster Cycle, Aiden was a warrior-hero who fought alongside Cuchulainn against Queen Maeve and her army.

Aiden was also an important figure in early Irish history. He was one of the seven chieftains who led their people from Ireland to Scotland during the fifth century AD. These chieftains were known as the Seven Sons of Eremon.

Aidan later became a saint and is said to have founded a monastery on the island of Iona off the coast of Scotland. This monastery became a vital learning centre and culture during the Middle Ages.

The Popularity of The Name Aiden

Aiden first entered Ireland’s top 100 list of most popular baby boy names in 2002, at number 96. It quickly rose up the ranks over subsequent years, reaching its peak at number two in 2009. In 2010, it fell to number three.

Still, it regained its position as the second most popular boys’ name in 2011 and 2012 before falling to third place again in 2013, where it has remained ever since, according to data from Statistics Ireland (the government agency responsible for collecting statistics on behalf of Ireland).

Famous People Named Aiden

Aiden Turner

Aiden Turner is best known for his role as Aidan Devane on the soap opera All My Children. He has also had roles in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Aiden Gillen

Aiden Gillen is an actor from Ireland. He is best known for his role as Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish on the HBO series Game of Thrones. He has also appeared in films like The Dark Knight Rises and Bohemian Rhapsody.

Aiden Quinn

Aidan Quinn is an actor from Ireland. He is best known for his roles in such films as Legends of the Fall, Michael Collins, and Haunted Hill.

Aiden in Pop Culture

Aiden in the Harry Potter Series

Aiden is a popular name in the Harry Potter series, appearing in books and movies. In the book, Aiden is the name of one of the students in Harry’s year at Hogwarts. In the movies, Aiden is the name of one of the Weasleys’ twins.

Aiden in The Hunger Games

Aiden is also a popular name in The Hunger Games series. In the books, Aiden is the name of one of Katniss’ friends from District 12. In the movie, Aiden is the name of one of Katniss’ fellow tributes from District 12.

Aiden in The Walking Dead

Aiden is also a popular name in The Walking Dead series. In both the comics and TV show, Aiden is the name of one of Rick Grimes’ group of survivors.

Names Like Aiden

Many names are similar to Aiden, including Aidan, Aedan, Adin, Adan, and Braden. These names all have Irish origins and share the meaning “little fire” or “fiery one.” Aidan is the most popular of these names, followed by Adin and Braden. Aiden is also a popular middle name for boys in recent years.

In Short

Aiden vs Aedan

The two spellings of the name, Aiden and Aedan, are often used interchangeably. However, there is a subtle difference in meaning between the two.

The spelling Aiden is derived from the Old Irish form of the name, which means “little fire.” The spelling Aedan, on the other hand, comes from the Scottish Gaelic form of the name, which can be translated to mean “born of fire.”

While both spellings are associated with fiery qualities, it is worth noting that Aiden is more closely linked to physical fire, while Aedan carries connotations of being spiritually or creatively inspired.

Other Forms of the Name

Other variants of the name include Aidan, Aaden, and Eden. The spelling Aidan is most commonly used in Ireland and Scotland, while Aaden is the preferred choice in America. Eden is sometimes used as a feminine form of the name.

The name Aiden is of Irish origin and means “little fire.” It’s a popular name for US, UK, Canada, and Australian boys. Aiden is a strong and determined name, perfect for a little boy with a big personality.

Some famous people named Aiden include actors Aiden Turner, Aiden Gillen, and musician Aiden Quinn. The name Aiden also appears in popular cultures, such as the Harry Potter series and The Hunger Games. If you’re looking for a unique baby name with Irish roots, consider Aiden.

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